Don't welcome dictators

Campaigners outside Downing Street with banner saying Sisi not welcome

David Cameron has invited the Egyptian President Sisi to the UK, despite the appalling human rights abuses that have taken place under his rule. The visit is expected to take place in the first week of November. 

The UK should not be rolling out the red carpet for a brutal dictator, and it certainly should not be giving practical and moral support to the regime through arms sales.

Over 50 MPs have already supported our call by signing a parliamentary petition, but we need more to express their opposition before the visit takes place.

Meanwhile, Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen have continued, with UK-made warplanes playing a central role in the attacks.

If the UK arms export controls really were 'rigorous' and robust' as the government claims, these arms sales should never have happened.

We need to hold the government to account on these sales and end UK complicity in human rights abuses.