Email your candidate: Support the Manifesto for Peace

With the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections in May, we must demand that candidates will work towards making Scotland a true leader in peace and disarmament, from training and diversifying our workforce towards a green economy, to halting all support for arms companies who profit from death and destruction around the world.

We must ensure that those representing Scotland in Holyrood have the safety and real security of future generations at the heart of their actions. We can use this election as an opportunity to push for better. No more should the Scottish Parliament invest millions from the public purse in companies like BAE Systems who, since the beginning of the conflict in Yemen, have made billions in profit from fuelling war and play a key role in the UK's nuclear weapons programme. 

Please write to your candidates and urge them to support the Manifesto for Peace, together we can build a Scotland that will be known for its contribution to peace and justice rather than for waging war.