Tell New Scientist to drop oil and arms sponsorship

New Scientist magazine holds an annual festival to explore 'the biggest ideas and burning questions of science'. Yet in 2019 it accepted sponsorship by climate-wrecking oil company BP, and BAE Systems, which is arming the war in Yemen. How can this be a celebration of science?

Tell the Chief Executive of New Scientist, Nina Wright to Drop lethal sponsors, and instead work to inspire a science that contributes to life and the environment, not destroy it.

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Dear Ms Wright,

I’m writing to express my deep concern at the disgraceful sponsorship of New Scientist Live 2019 by BP and BAE Systems. Companies with such a devastating impact on human life and the environment have no place at the heart of this event, especially one which is supposedly inspiring younger generations.

Arms company BAE Systems have supplied the Typhoon and Tornado aircraft which have been central to Saudi Arabia’s devastating attacks on Yemen, killing thousands, displacing millions, and creating the worst cholera outbreak on record, and the world's largest humanitarian crisis. How can a family friendly event be sponsored by the same company arming a war that has led to the deaths of 85,000 children?

BP has sold off solar energy projects and invested £1.6 billion in tar sands extraction in Canada, one of the most polluting forms of fossil fuel on earth, which tramples on Indigenous peoples’ rights, and causes huge damage to the local environment, and the health of local people and workers.

When planning future New Scientist Live events, please reconsider accepting sponsorship from companies looking to legitimise their hugely damaging effects on people and planet.

I call on you to adopt an ethical sponsorship policy for future events, and avoid collaborating with companies whose core business exacerbates conflict and climate change, and contribute to the destruction of life.

New Scientist should be advocating for science that contributes to life and environment, not destroying it.

Yours sincerely,

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