Church House: stop supporting the arms trade

Campaigners protest outside Church House

Church House is once again playing host to arms dealers. Please sign the petition to ask it to stop supporting the arms trade.


Dear Archbishop Justin Welby,

The Church House Conference Centre is once again hosting events – the Land Warfare Conference on 28-29 June 2016 and the Information in Warfare Conference on 9-10 February 2016  – sponsored by some of the world's largest arms companies.

Hosting these events legitimises those who profit from death and destruction and brings the venue into disrepute.

Profiting from events supported by arms companies is also in conflict with the moral position set out in the Church of England Defence Investments Policy, 2010. St Paul's Cathedral has already recognised that hosting events sponsored by arms companies is not acceptable.

I ask you, as President of the Corporation of Church House, to ensure Church House does the same, and ask for your assurance that the conference centre will never again host events which support and legitimise the arms industry.

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