New Scientist's bad idea

New Scientist Live event branding with text: Asking the big questions. About the ethics of our sponsors

'New Scientist Live' at London's ExCel Centre is described by its organisers as 'a festival of ideas and discovery'.

But the New Scientist has had a particularly bad idea already – the festival will be prominently sponsored by Shell, a major oil company that has funded climate denial, and BAE Systems, an arms company that willingly sells arms to repressive regimes.

By associating their brands with this family-friendly event, these toxic companies will deflect attention from their many environmental and human rights impacts around the world.

Art Not Oil, CAAT, Campaign Against Climate Change, Medact and Scientists for Global Responsibility are calling on the New Scientist to take a stand and cut its ties to these sponsors. Sign the petition:

The undersigned call on New Scientist to adopt an ethical sponsorship policy for future events, including avoiding companies whose core business exacerbates conflict or climate change.

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