Design Museum: Drop the Arms Trade

In July, the Design Museum hosted an arms company trade event during Farnborough International, an international weapons fair.

The arms industry seeks a veneer of legitimacy by holding its events in cultural institutions, and it is good for business to invite clients to prestigious locations. By allowing this, the Design Museum is supporting an industry based on death and destruction. 

Public outcry has persuaded other Museums, including the National Gallery, to drop its arms trade sponsorship. Artists and designers are also speaking out and asking the Design Museum to drop the arms trade. Please add your voice too!

Design Museum: Please drop the arms trade

We are concerned that the Museum allowed its premises to be used by arms company Leonardo during Farnborough International.

Farnborough International is an international arms fair, bringing governments which abuse human rights together with weapons sellers. The Museum should not allow its premises or its name to be used to support this deadly business.

Please don't support Farnborough International again, or allow your space to be used in support of an industry based on death and destruction.

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