Email your MP: arms sales to Yemen war must stop

With a new US President, there are signs of hope for an end to the devastating war in Yemen. Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to stop the flow of US arms and end military support. New arms deals have already been put on hold. Such action could not come a moment too soon.

Thousands of civilians have been killed in Yemen by air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition in a pattern of repeated breaches of International Humanitarian Law. Hundreds of thousands more lives have been lost through the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the war. The US and the UK are the biggest arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia. The bombing of Yemen could not continue without their support.

Not only does the UK government refuse to stop the arms sales, it has also just slashed the aid budget to Yemen, despite impending famine.

Please write to your MP to urge the UK government to stop the arms sales, and to work together with the new US Administration to bring an end to this devastating war.